To Write Love On Her Arms
It takes time for people to open their eyes to the reality setting in around them. They no longer know the "happy little world" they thought they lived in. I want to see, one day, a change in mankind, and type of acceptance, one that we've never seen before I want to see society accept the challenges that people face as not a "private problem" but a socialistic problem. I was to see people who suffer from depression be accepted, I want to see people who've feared to speak stand before a crowd and say what they've wanted to say for so long, I want to see the numbers and statistics drop, see more lives being lived, more scar-less skin. That's my hope for our society, 
My hope for every individual is in the same aspect, I hope the every individual who suffers to have the strength to stand above the pain, to rise above the fear and seek help. So love themselves enough to seek a better life. I hope that each and every person who reads this knows that they are loved, but not only knows it but also feels it. There is love in this world. It's hidden behind a lot of pain, but it exists in every corner of our world, so never lose faith, it will get better, Live never stays still, its always evolving, growing, and changing just like everyone of us. You are not the same person you were yesterday  and not the same person you will be tomorrow. Remember to love yourself.

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    Jamie Tworkowski